Overflowing (Acoustic Version)

Overflowing Acoustic Version
  • Artist: Nsay ki la
  • Status: Single
  • Label: Indie
  • Released: 22 January 2023
  • Genre: Afrobeats


Song Description:

This is the acoustic version of “Overflowing”. The song “Overflowing” was track one of the Overflowing EP by Nsay ki la which he released on 22 January 2022. Like acoustic versions of religious songs do, it exudes a special peaceful feeling. And, with lesser instruments, it has a prayerful character.

The song is an invitation for God to fill us with himself. In the song, we ask God to give us his blessings, love peace, till we are overflowing with him.

Like the original version, Nsay ki la and Vernsai Sany wrote the Overflowing Acoustic Version. Marc Eff of Kovapot produced, mixed, and mastered it.