Nsay ki la - O BLESS THE LORD MY SOUL- Nsay Digital

Artist: Nsay ki la

Status: Single

Released Date: 25 September 2015

Record Lable: Indie



We are accustomed to prayers of petition and intercession. Asking is something that we do more often. It is true that we need so many things very often. Songs like this one come in to help us remember that our relationship with God is not just about what we ask. We ought to remember to praise God and adore him, for who he is in himself.

This song was done by Sr Appo Budzee and the Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis, featuring Nsay ki la. It was produced by Towa Carlos. Listening to it makes you uplift your soul and heart into the dimension of worshiping God. It is soft and soothing, and the choruses are easy to sing along.

Release date: 25 September 2015
Mood: calm, soothing
Genre: Gospel soul


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