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Artist: Nsay ki la

Status: Single

Released Date: 2022

Record Label: indie


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About Mkwee by Nsay ki la:

The song MKWEE was part of the EP by Nsay ki la titled TOGETHER. This EP was out to animate, reflect upon, express thanksgiving, and pray with and for the Church that is in Kumbo. The Diocese was created in 1982.

MKWEE is in Lamnso’, and means “forty” in English. The song is simply a sensation. Its amapiano vibe only makes it sweeter. Entire song is in English and Lamnso’. The producer is Lu (formerly part of the duo Chinjong X Chinjong). MKWEE is a song of celebration of attaining forty. It does not specify which forty; just forty! And for this reason, it is one of those songs that will remain eternal, because it will fit into any celebration of forty.

The lyrics invite the listener to join those going down to the dance arena, accompanied by the shouts of happy children and the good memories that go along with the celebration. Join the dance to make new memories!