NSAY KI LA - Maranatha

Artist: Nsay ki la

Status: Single

Released Date:  4 December 2020

Record Lable: Indie



This song is an invocation of God in assembly gathered to pray. It draws it’s inspiration from the heavenly liturgy as comes out in the vision of John. The text of the song is, understandably, from the Book of Revelations It was composed as far back as 1988 by Fr David Fomanka. It is one of the songs which many people loved, but didn’t have it recorded anywhere.

So Nsay ki la undertook to do so. He spoke with the composer, and shared the progress of his work, to be sure that he was as close as possible to the original inspiration. Of course, there had to be something new and peculiar, which is what happens every re-presentation of any work of art.

This performance was done with the Virtual Chorale in 2020. With Nsay ki la as producer, Dijay Kay mixed and digitally mastered the work. It is soft njang tunes, sweet and soothing. It uses local instruments such as drums, xylophones (balafons), gongs, shakers, with some embellishment from strings. Although it is a fitting song for the Holy Season of Advent, it is also usable as an entrance song for Holy Mass outside of Advent