Nsay ki la - I WILL PRAISE- Nsay Digital

Artist: Nsay ki la

Status: Single

Released Date: 30 September 2021

Record Lable: Indie



Nsay ki la: This song was inspired after a difficult night. I woke up some morning in February of 2021 with so much difficulty. It struck me that sometimes, we could sleep and not even wake up ever again. These thoughts in the song came to my mind through out the morning. And they came together with their melody, as it happens to me sometimes. “For every day I wake, for every breath I take, I will praise”.

I thought of whom to sing it with. One person came promptly to  my mind: Yaa-ki. So I recorded a voice note and sent to her on WhatsApp, asking her if she would be interested in recording with me. She answered in the affirmative. I had some time in the afternoon and night. So I prepared the instrumental and recorded my section on that same day. I sent her the overall demo of the song.

Yaa-ki eventually recorded hers. Now we needed musicians to put in vocals for the chorus. Commy Keyz did, but had difficulties with her voice following a series of performances. She would later on go back to redo, but still can’t hit the high notes. We kept having one set back or the other, but refused to give up. Eventually, MCV filled in for it.

It is a song you can want to have on your lips every morning as you wake. It is how it happens with me.