Feeling Good Remix ft Askia

  • Artist: Savagecash
  • Status: Single
  • Label: Savage Trap Empire
  • Released: 14 February 2023
  • Genre: Hip-hop


Song Description:

This is the remix of feeling good by Savagecash Ft Askia . Feeling good was released by savagecash on Dec 2019 and has been an Outstanding hit. Savagecash after working on an Album decided to Remix feeling good with Askia, an A-list Artist. Savagecash in this song expresses he’s mood and reason for feeling good
Askia explains how she feels good and what she does to feel good on a daily . Feeling good is just an expression of Mood and how we should feel in life. This Track is Produced and Mastered by Edi le Drae