Artist: Vernsai Sany

Status: Single

Released Date: March 19th, 2021

Record Lable: Kovapot



“Elle n’a pas Vu” is a cover of Charlotte Dipanda’s “Elle n’a pas Vu” produced by Marc Eff Of Kovapot

The original song talks of a mother who didn’t get the chance to see her child blossom. A mother who didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of her labor ( probably because of untimely death)

“Elle na pas vu” resonates with my personality so well because I love my Mom so much and can’t imagine a life without her. My greatest joy would be to see the smile on her face when I finally bring home my first cheque.

Charlotte Dipanda is a music legend in my books, an icon to reckon with. I love her classy style, her voice, and how delicate she becomes when addressing emotional matters.
She is a staple of our music industry and her body of work speaks volumes.

My intent was to expatiate on this beautiful song while exploring other sonic possibilities yet still staying true to the original.

I really hope mama Charlotte Dipanda likes my cover of “Elle na pas vu”