Nsay ki la - EE TAATA NYUY (1)- Nsay Digital

Artist: Nsay ki la

Status: Single

Released Date:  15 August 2014

Record Lable: Indie



Sometimes we are in awe at the amazing things we find around us. When it give a moment of thought to it, our minds go beyond this beautiful things and people, to where they come from: the creator God. Entirely in Lamnso’, this song is akin to the psalms and canticles in the Bible which meditate on, and praise God in creation.

This performance of it is actually a remix of an original version done by Chrisco Fon. This version was jointly written by him as well as MCV and Nsay ki la who both wrote the verses they contributed. It was produced by Chrisco in 2014 while they all worked at Radio Evangelium – Kumbo. It was done as part of a project to support the work of Lady Bling (Vicky Ngamsha) in Kumbo.