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Artist: Nsay ki la

Status: Single

Released Date: 06 December 2022

Record Label: Indie


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About Celebrate by Nsay ki la:

As its title indicates, the song calls for celebration. It is produced by Marc Eff of Kovapot, who fused Amapiano with afrobeat. This gives it the vibe it deserves for a celebration song.

CELEBRATE was track 1 of the EP titled TOGETHER. It is performed in five languages, namely English, Lamnso’, Limbum, Noni, and Oka. This makes total sense because the aforementioned vernaculars are among the major ones spoken within the Diocese of Kumbo.

The lyrics invite everyone to a mood of celebration. They make mention of the various deaneries of the diocese of Kumbo at the time of the song. And indeed, it is a celebration “from Wainamah to Ako” two extreme parishes in the Diocese.   “Sheath your swords…” is an allusion to ending hostilities and joining the celebration. (Hostilities are from the Anglophone Crisis which is impeding the celebrative mood).

TOGETHER EP is a 6-track project containing Njang and Afrobeats with fusions of Amapiano. In its very conception, there are songs to pray with, and there are songs to dance to. In this way, everyone can find their choice to use for the celebration. The project takes its name from the first word of the theme of the Ruby Jubilee of the Diocese of Kumbo “Together on Mission: Go out the whole world proclaiming the Gospel to all creation (Mark 16:15).

This EP does not only mark the celebration of the Ruby Jubilee of the Diocese of Kumbo. You will often find yourself coming back to it in the future because the songs are eternal. They are songs that ought to remain in your playlists.