NSAY KI LA - Alleluia-Marriage Feast of the Lamb

Artist: Nsay ki la

Status: Single

Released Date: 20 November 2020

Record Lable: Indie



ALLELUIA – MARRIAGE FEAST OF THE LAMB is drawn from the Book of the Apocalypse (Revelations) 19:1-2, 5-7. It is the loud shout heard by John in his vision, the shout of the multitude after the fall of Babylon. It is a celebration, a song of victory, even if the victory is yet to be fully realized in our lives. It is no wonder then that the song comes in the Divine Office so often, as Vespers for some Sundays and for Solemnities.

The style used for this song is Njang, of the grasslands of Cameroon. It is done in such a natural way to be a sample for choirs learning to  sing it, using drums, gongs, shakers, hollow and other traditional instruments common in Cameroon.

Composed since 21 July 2008, Nsay ki la only produced this song in 2020. It was mixed and digitally mastered by Dijay Kay.